For the needs of the meat and fishing industry we produce non-standard straps whose composition is different according to the application.

For the Handtman machine we offer T5 and T10 timing belts with white silicone coated with special Sausage gripper or PU spikes profile. Their main application is the production of sausage, filleting, transportation and sorting of sausages, or for the efficient removal of flaked surfaces.

For positioning of plates we make from PU tooth belt step H - t = 12.7mm, belts with mounted PU thumbs.

Depending on the machine, the packaging of the finished product is carried out with the use of vacuum straps 50 T10 920 + Linatex .40A /6.4mm.

For accurate positioning for a moist and greasy environment, we offer Positive Drives synchronous tapes, special profile tapes and perforated perforated templates.

Given the increasing demands on food safety, we offer a series of Ammeraal Blue antimicrobial strips treated with a silver ion layer that kills bacteria at the outset.

Another solution is to use homogeneous Volta Belting TPU tapes with shore hardness up to 60D and different thicknesses up to 6mm. The lack of textile layers naturally neutralizes bacterial sites, cleaning is quick and efficient with great savings in water and detergents.

This type of homogeneous tape is the ideal solution for places with aggressive environments: slaughterhouses, hauling and sorting, processing of fish and seafood.