The company manufactures and supplies custom belts and conveyor belts according to individual drawing.

Often, industry-wide applications find belts and conveyor belts, unparalleled, designed for a particular machine or specific applications.

Megadyne-Italy and Ammeraal Beltech, the Netherlands, respond to these needs.

The companies are leaders in the design and production of engineering products made of polyurethane and PVC. In practice, a number of materials and profiles have proven that have proven their reliability and high quality.

Most often such engineering belts are found in industrial sectors such as: packaging industry, meat and fishery, indexing machines.

Belts are:

- with different coatings of natural rubber Linatex, PVC, PU, ​​Neopren, Silicon and polyurethane profiles according to the drawing.
- teeth belts with milled grooves on the side of the teeth with mounted individual profiles and milled holes on the coating according to the drawing of the client.

In its service company Technocon manufactures conveyor belts and belts for vacuum installations, UV varnishing lines in the printing industry, placement of more than 18 approved coatings of varying density and Shore hardness.

- TPU polyurethane 92A: 2 -3mm

- Flatten Sponge rubber NRS270, PUS: 5; 7; 8; 10; 12mm

- NRS040 Linatex: 1.5 to 10mm

- Rubber: black, caramel 65A

- Coated leather