Leder Beltech - Switzerland is a pioneer in the development of industrial flat belt belts.

Their trademark is RAPPLON, a mark of quality and precision.

As part of the Ammeraal Beltch group, the RAPPLON flat straps are made of high quality stretched PA polyamide, providing the strap with strength and flexibility, even under extreme loads.

Experience has necessitated the use of different coatings, depending on the application.

Available in variants: TT / fabric / fabric; GT / rubber-fabric /; GG / rubber-rubber /; LT / leather-fabric /; LL / leather-leather /.


: There are various applications in the industry:
- Machine ribbons (ribbons) for printing offset machines; UV varnish; folding machines; transport of PE envelopes and sacks; textile industry and others.
- Drive belts up to 5kW motors: carpentry grinders, drills, washing machines, fans, generators and more.
- Drive and tangential belts up to 25kW motors: textile industry; woodworking four-operative machines of ZMM-Haskovo, carpenter milling machines; chainsaw, garter machines, machine lathes, etc.
- Special and power actuators: mills and cement mills, woodworking, textile industry.

- Spool - Winding straps type GG 07.30 RRC /3.0mm; GG 11.50 RRC /5.0mm.

These include high mechanical strength and great flexibility required for a 180 ° or 360º belt.