Volta Belting is a leader in the development and production of homogeneous thermoplastic elastomers. It manufactures and has the largest range of polyurethane round and trapezoidal straps, polygonal profiles, coatings, conveyor belts of homogeneous polyurethane and others.

The product range of round belts covers the range of thicknesses from 1.5mm to 18mm standard, as well as reinforced with PE cord from 6mm to 18mm.

Depending on the application, the round straps are grouped in color, for example: RPN green, RPB blue FDA, RLC transperant FDA, etc.

Straps for direct contact with food are marked with the characteristic colors: blue, white, red, orange and all of them are certified.

Reinforced cord straps, except for transport purposes, can also be used for lightly actuated drives. The presence of a supporting element of the cord prevents the strap from stretching.

All straps are warmly glued to the 220C press, which ensures the bonding area is firm and elastic.

The company has developed TPU elastomer trapezoidal straps as an alternative to widespread rubber. The straps meet the well-known standards and forms and are classic Z10, A13, B17, C22 and non-standard reinforced with cord, single and double trapezoidal straps, belts with different coverage profiles.

They are all available as open rolls and also glued to the customer's size. The rules for sticking and in direct contact with food are the same as mentioned above.

The main advantages of thermoplastic straps are the flexibility of framing, ie avoiding established size patterns, easy to operate and install, oil resistant, high wear resistance.


The proposed belts find major applications in:

>> Printing

>> Food industry

>> Packaging machinery

>> Ceramic and sanitary ware