Volta Belting - Israel is a leader in the production of homogeneous Polyurethane conveyor belts. without embedding textile layers.

Volta is the first company in the world to develop the technology for the production of conveyor belts without textile inserts. Their advantage is the possession of 100% hygiene, high wear resistance, easy to install and rebuild in the field, and recently they are energy and time-saving.

The homogeneous TPU conveyor belts are characterized by durability and long life due to the high Shore hardness: 95A to 36D and the lack of embedded PE textile layers. The belts are available in different variations and colors to suit your production. standard or reinforced, antistatic, of different thicknesses, the maximum being 8.0 mm of solid Polyurethane-based applications in Slaughterhouses and direct deburring lines on the strap.

Main applications:

In the food industry, the lack of bacteria sites make them the highest hygiene bands, another important advantage is their easy cleaning, simply hot pressurized water, which saves time and supplies.

In all abrasive industries such as Metalworking, Woodworking, Ceramic and Recycling Companies, Agriculture and anywhere in the light industry.