Synchronous conveyor belts AMMERAAL BELTECH

Ultrasink synchronous belts are a new product of Ammeraal Beltech. They are characterized by the presence of a gear profile on the motor side that provides non-slip movement and guarantees synchronous speed at the beginning and end.

They have a structure and a way of connection, like the known synthetic / flat conveyor belts, a standard T10 tooth profile on the motor side, bearing an inner layer of PE threads.

Combines the best of modular / plate belts and timing / timing belts, but with more flexible options in terms of: using different types of profiles on top, greater working width - up to 1000mm, high hygienic features, using standard T10 washers and energy saving effect.

They are ideally used in all synchronous processes, for example: precise positioning, start / stop modes, indexing machines.

In aggressive environments, such as high humidity above 90%, dust and grease and grease.

They are widely used in the meat and fisheries, oil and confectionery industries, labeling and packaging lines and sanitary products.

A rational engineering solution, without the need for structural changes, 100% replace the massively used conveyor belts and modular belts without slipping or breaking.