We manufacture and supply polyurethane strips a product of Ammeraal Beltech. The company's service works according to the individual needs of each client, including bonding and on-site assembly.

Conveyor belts made of polyurethane have properties that differentiate them significantly from PVC belts, making them preferred for a number of applications.

The nomenclature includes the following types:

>> Ropan: made of polyurethane with a shore hardness of more than 30D.
>> Ropanex: high hardness polyurethane cutting machine.
>> Ropanol: impregnated polyurethane strips; high wear resistance, oil and grease resistant.
>> Ropanyl: for general use; oil and grease resistant; Shore hardness from 85A to 93A.

Polyurethane tapes find a number of applications in the food industry: meat and fish for the transport of raw meat and sausages, tunnel belts for the production of chocolate products, bread, biscuits and croissants, frozen foods, etc.

Due to their high durability, they are used in corrugated board, in the ceramic industry, in the printing industry.

The tapes comply with all EC certificates under HACCP, FDA, ISO and the Bulgarian Ministry of Health.