The company manufactures and supplies conveyor belts made of PVC product by Ammeraal Beltech. The belts are made according to the individual needs of the customer, and if necessary, they are glued and mounted on site.
The company nomenclature includes types:

>> Flexam: Shore hardness up to 80A, additional antistatic fibers.
>> Nonex: oil and greaseproof, for direct food contact.
>> with transverse and corrugated profiles mounted on top, depending on use.

PVC tapes are most widely used in the Light and in some cases in the Heavy industry. They are characterized by high mechanical strength, easy to operate, do not mark the product and relatively low cost.

They mainly find applications in the Light Industry, such as Woodworking, Printing, Cardboard, Textile, Packaging, Food, Logistics and Fitness Centers and more.

The tapes comply with all EC certificates under HACCP, FDA, ISO and the Bulgarian Ministry of Health.