Modular UNI-CHAIN ​​Tape Units.

The popular Danish company is already in the family of Ammeraal-Beltech B.V. The Netherlands.

UniChain straps can be easily assembled and dismantled using the puzzle principle. They have high wear resistance, mechanical strength and synchronous characteristics.

With the mounting of the Amflight - AB patent transverse units, the modular straps are applicable for up to 45 degree inclines.
They are offered:
- complete set of gears with round or square hole.
-Supporting strips underneath
-Crest for any of the types of straps
-Amflight profile for inclined applications.

The units are widely used in Meat and Fisheries, Fruit and Vegetable Washing Facilities, Bakeries, Drinks and more.

The tapes comply with all international HACCP, FDA, ISO certificates.