In the field of rubber trapezoidal and runway belts, we represent the companies "Megadyne" - Italy and "Mitsuboshi" - Japan, established in the production of all standard rubber transmission straps used in the industry.

The straps are manufactured to all world standards, with the highest quality materials used.

The wide variety of types and sizes makes trapezoidal and multi-channel straps suitable for a variety of transmission drives and industrial applications, for example:


mining industry

ventilation equipment

-compressor stations

-Fitness equipment, etc.

The nomenclature includes all standard section sizes:

>> Trapezoidal straps - single and double trapezoid
-Z 6x10; ZX - toothed
-A 8x13, AA - hexagonal, AH - toothed
-B 11x17; BB - hexagonal, VH - inflated
-C 22x14. CC-hexagonal; CX - notched
- up to 20x50mm.
>> SP Series: SPZ / XPZ; SPA / XPA; SPB / XPB SPC / XPC
>> Poly-V (multi-channel) straps - steps: PJ, PK, PL, PM, TB2. Available in rubber and polyurethane versions.
>> Articulated straps: HA; HB; HC, RSPA, RSPB, RSPC
> Varisect V-belts - all standard trapezoidal sizes