We offer a special group of tapes and engineering belts adapted to the conditions of the Glass and Aluminum Industry.

The gear / synchronous belt nomenclature is available in standard steps:

>> T10; T20;
>> AT10; AT20;
>> HTD8; HTD14

>> Poly - V

Reinforced, and with optional Polyuretan / 2-5mm, 85A Shore coated options.

The conveyor belts of glass sheets are predominantly vertically positioned. The additional cover protects the belt and extends the service life.

The same with Kevlar; Linatex or PU coated profiles are used for transporting hot tubular or rectangular aluminum profiles.

We specialize in the manufacture of silicone tape size for butyl machines.

We offer thermal-resistant Keche NPF tapes and cutting-resistant tapes applicable for the transport of broken glass