Astin-Italy is a leader in the design and production of rotor punch rings made of high-strength, high-strength polyurethane.

The polyurethane rings consist of a bearing aramid braid with a layer of TPU, 39D Shor.

Depending on the type of machine, they can be smooth or with an internal centering slot.

They are used in the cardboard industry for the protection of rotor blade blades during corrugated board processing.

Their main purpose is to play the role of a corrugated board in the corrugated board format, thus preventing the cutting blades and helping to cut the desired shape properly.

Finger open fasteners are provided for quick and easy installation (disassembly) on the carrier shaft.

In the case of wear of the center rings, rotation from the end (less loaded) to the center of the shaft is possible.

In Bulgaria we offer the product for machines of Umlenski Ltd., Diana Sliven, Curioni, Tecassa and others.